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Paul Newman boating in Venice during a film festival (1963) View high resolution

Paul Newman boating in Venice during a film festival (1963)


Happy birthday to Hans Christian Andersen who would have been 209 today!

This month we are featuring a few Andersen fairy tale books and illustrations by Arthur Rackham in our mini-display case.  The first book is an early English edition of Andersen’s fairy tales translated by Mary Howitt and published by Chapman and Hall in 1846.  The second book is a limited edition of Andersen’s tales illustrated by Rackham.  Only 525 copies were printed in 1932.  (I love the fly leaf!)  Pictured is an illustration from “A Little Boy and a Little Girl” portion of “The Snow Queen.” The other Rackham illustration comes from Perrault’s “Sleeping Beauty” found in The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book published by J.B. Lippincott in 1950. 

Stop by the reading room for a closer look!

-Jillian P.

xPZ5 A6W6 1846 Wonderful Stories for Children

xfPT8116.E5 R32 1932 Fairy Tales

xPZ5 R13A8 1950 The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book


PHOTOGRAPHY: Ecce Homo by Evelyn Bencicova

The somber hued photographs in Berlin-based artist Evelyn Bencicova’s series Ecce Homo feature faceless nudes arranged in immaculate compositions that range from purely sculptural to darkly dramatic.

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